Postcode Map

Its getting there!



Next tuesday i'm going to do a bit of live paint. This is the rough!


Roughs for my Forthcoming Solo Exhibtion

What would the noise be?
Not sure about the colours here yet. But going to screenprint it.


I've come to the end of a large project and straight away got stuck in some personal work. I hope to have a solo exhibition this year and am busy getting ideas together. This one is a little cheesy but i had fun doing it. I going to call it "another shit tatoo"


Bilimankhwe Arts

Some roughs for a logo.


National anthem

That gross brown/yellow colour should be gold.

Lords Prayer

I decided to re-visit two projects which i done around 3 years ago, Lords Prayer and National Anthem. It was interesting to see how much style has developed and approach to working has changed. All the colours are undecided and in the experimental stages. For the Lords Prayer i wanted to combine disco lights with woodblook printing.

Fremont Rough

I recently went to Vegas and all i loved the signs. Here is my first rough of a signpost inspired by Vegas.